YRC Low-Balls Us in Contract Talks

YRC continues to come up short in contract talks. 

YRC Makes Crappy Opening Offer

“….the union is disappointed with the wage and benefit package the employer currently has on the table because it simply will not meet the level the members deserve or recognize the sacrifice of long-term employees over the past decade," stated IBT Freight Director Ernie Soehl in this latest update on negotiations.

YRC Freight Negotiations Reach Crunch Time

“…..a lot of very complex and difficult work lies ahead…,” reported Ernie Soehl in the latest post from the Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee.

Freight Contract Negotiations Update

As tough contract negotiations continue, Freight Teamsters deserve a contract that honors the sacrifices we’ve made for the last decade to save YRC, Holland, and New Penn.

Freight Teamsters Launch Petition for Fair Contract

Freight Teamsters are spreading a petition to send YRCW and the Freight Division the message that it's time for a fair contract after a decade of givebacks.


Contract Unity Gear

Freight Teamsters from the Carolinas to California are wearing "No Concessions" and "10 Years is Enough" T-shirts to work to show the company and the union it's time to honor our sacrifice.

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