Freight Contract Negotiations Update

As tough contract negotiations continue, Freight Teamsters deserve a contract that honors the sacrifices we’ve made for the last decade to save YRC, Holland, and New Penn.


With YRCW facing a financial crisis, Teamster members agreed to wage and pension cuts in a series of agreements starting in 2009.


IBT Freight Director Ernie Soehl says he has told the employers, “We are not interested in concessions in these negotiations.”


After a decade of sacrifice, many members are looking for more than just ending givebacks. We want the 15% wage cut reversed and for the International Union to negotiate pay increases that close the wage gap with ABF.


The company’s debt remains an ongoing concern. So does the Freight Division’s information blackout on what’s happening in bargaining.


The IBT and the company exchanged initial proposals on national language in December. Members have still not been allowed to see those proposals.


The National Committee is under a gag order. Local Union officers and the membership are equally in the dark.


Whatever contract is negotiated, it’s the members who have to work under it.


Freight Teamsters deserve transparency in negotiations and a fair contract that honors our economic sacrifices and reverses some of the concessions.

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