Uniting for a Good Contract

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Uniting for a Good Contract

Freight Teamsters United is a grassroots campaign to win a better contract at YRC, Holland, and New Penn. We are independent of the Hoffa administration and any candidates for International Union office. 

Members Speak Out

End the Blackout on Bargaining

"We are being left in the dark about our negotiations but we are the ones who will have to work under this contract. Negotiating behind closed doors is no way to build unity or to win a fair contract."

– Rafael Sanchez, Holland, Charlotte Local 71

Honor Our Sacrifices

"Freight Teamsters and our families have borne the burden of keeping YRC, Holland and New Penn in business. It’s time for management to recognize and reward our sacrifices.”

– Jerry Yarbrough, Holland, Memphis Local 667

Close the Wage Gap

"We lived these concessions for almost a decade. There is a nation-wide shortage of truck drivers. We need to be competitive to keep drivers working. This contract needs to close the wage gap and get us back on track with ABF wages."

– Larry Gillespie, Holland, Indianapolis Local 135

More Than Economics

"We want to get paid and take care of our families, which includes seeing them. We want our vacation back, and antiquated policies like the national attendance policy need to go."

– Tom Wodack, YRC, New York Local 707

For Mobile Alerts,Text "FREIGHT" TO 94253